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1957 Mark II

In the spring of 1955, Henry Ford displayed the 1956 Continental Mark II at the Paris France Auto Show, the car was the hit of the show and Ford Motor Company took 1300 orders at $10,000 each, Henry Ford's goal was to make the ultimate personal luxury car, each car was made by hand, the interior leather was imported from Scotland, because the hides would not have any imperfections because Scotland farmers did not use barb wire

When he returned to America in the year 1956 these truly fine cars were only sold to the rich and famous CEO'S of large corporations, Frank Sinatra, Mike Todd, Dwight Eisenhower, General Jimmy Doolittle, Elvis Presley Henry Kissinger, Louie Prima Dean Martin, The Shaw of Iran, a Saudi Prince, many foreign leaders, you had to be somebody, Henry didn't want these cars being sold to the common man (he lost $1,000 on every car he built)

They build 3014 between 1956 and 1957, of those only forty were sold in the color gold, 2572 build in 1956 and 442 in 1957, the 1957 is the one to have, the engine is a 368 with 300 horsepower, the car also has the factory air, these were not good cars for gas mileage, in fact in my owner's manual it states MPG 8 town 10 country, I've restored the car to factory specs, I've taken it to 20 car shows to date and she's won 20 trophies

This car cost $9,966, plus $740 factory air, $408 for freight and dealer charges total $11,114 a lot of money for 1957, more than a Roll Royce in 1957, I was told Hank Snow bought the car for his dad, but I cannot document that, Chet Krause owned the car (Old Cars Weekly) Dana Mecum from (Mecum Auctions) also owned the car, the car had 56,540 documented miles on it when I bought it, Eve and I love the car, I hope you like the photos

The car is delivered...


Almost the end of the restoration...

Our 1957 Continental Mark II



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