12.Barn Find

Barn Find

Barn Find....Well maybe, Eve and I went to Cooney Island New York to look at a 76 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible, the car turned out to be a dog, while we were there the dealer asked if I liked Lincolns,. I said yes, he told me about this 77 Mark V with very very low mileage he just took on consignment, the car was in Vermont, he'd email me photos, the car was supposed to be in a heated garage, I got the photos found out the car had 3600 miles on it , I made an offer it was accepted

I sent a friend of mine to Vermont with an enclosed trailer to get the car, well the heated garage turned to be an old barn on the Canadian border in Vermont, the car was under a car cover in the corner of this draffy barn, like I said barn find, well maybe.....

Now the car, it was bought in October 1976,by a Lincoln dealer for his personal collection, he put a total of 1800 miles on the car, then in 2005 he donated the car to his church, it was then sold to the gentleman I bought the car from,he another 1800 miles on the car, also put new brakes five new tires, new shocks, had the carburetor rebuilt, replaced all the belts hoses wires, major tune up, along with anything else he felt the car needed

I have the Mardi report on the car, also the window sticker of the Lincoln dealer, the ad the church used to sell the car, all service records with the mileage on each, the Vermont inspection sticker (on the car) dated august 2010 with 3300 miles on it, I even have the dealers personal license plates from 1977, and when the car turned 25 years old his historic plates, so in my humble opinion the miles are correct and documented, as of this date the car has 3780 miles on it

I took the car to an Lincoln Continental Owners Club, car show where in competed with cars from, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and this black beauty won the award for best Lincoln of the 70's