3. 1978 Corvette "INDY 500" Pace Car


1978 Corvette "INDY 500" Pace Car

The car that almost did not become part of the family, I had a guy who wanted my 1954 Chevy that you'll see later, but he didn't have the money to buy it, he wanted to make a trade, a 57 Ford Convertible plus $5000, or the 1978 Pace car and I got $1000, well being a child of the 50's, you know which way I was leaning, so I talked it over with Eve, and she came out with the 1957 Ford, so I thought about that, and asked her again
I just thought she was telling me what she thought I wanted to hear, so to get the truth out of her I had to kill myself, I said Eve we have a three car garage, with three show cars, if I died and you got tired of your daily driver in the bad weather, which car would you sell, she said the 57 Ford, and what if I bought the pace car, she says "That would be hard I've always wanted a sports car" so I got her the Corvette as a mid life crisis present
I'm not going to bore you with stats on a 1978 Corvette pace car, they're all over the net, this one is #0586 in the build numbers, and she's 100% stock, and she's never been beat at any Corvette show, she always brings home the first place trophy, she has 45,000 miles on her


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